The  Summer  of  U.F.O.  Love  '97
MR. SEXY (R) from the Magic Orbit From Outer Space Inc.
 P r e s e n t s
The Mr. SEXY (R) Atomic Hot List of ORIGINAL MUSIC


To hear these artists anytime, call 212-598-0627 or 212-598-4051
When you connect press '2' and then the artist's four digit code.

Aristedes DuVal  SEXY
Copernicus  1984
Marilyn STAR
Hollywood Joe  HJOE
Senders  2106
Rick Borgia  2282
After One  1620
Alain  2276
Aloid  *

Ian Lloyd & Planet X  2278
Joy Ryder & the Rhythm Club  0686
Bill Popp & The Tapes  0103
David Peel  PEEL
Sean & the Time Travelers  7326
Richard West  WEST
Laughing Sky  LSKY
Young Fogeys  2280
Tarra  2279
Marcy & Bryan  5333
Jonny Samba & Free TV  *

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